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POP Radar

Important Information on POP RADAR (BEE III DSP)
Please Read this before purchasing any radar detector!

POP is a technology that has only been implemented by MPH Industries. It was introduced on MPH's handheld radars in 1999, and it has also been incorporated into MPH's newest dash mounted radars. POP technology is aimed at an old police problem - defeating radar detectors.

wireless remote keeps eyes on the roadAt the time of it's release in 1999, MPH's exclusive POP technology was the only radar technology that could measure a vehicle speed without setting off any radar detectors. This technology was made possible by MPH’s expertise in manufacturing microwave sources that can turn on and stabilize quickly and by digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. The radar can obtain a speed reading in milliseconds.

The NEW "POP" Bee III DSP Radar

When the MPH radar is placed into POP mode, the radar emits a short burst of energy and quickly measures the vehicle's speed. The radar then goes immediately into standby and displays the obtained speed for a couple of seconds. The entire measurement happens so quickly that the no radar detector in 1999 could detect it with any accuracy.

However, it is recommended that any police officer using POP radar only use it to obtain an estimate of a vehicles speed, then switch to normal mode to obtain the exact speed. The reason for this is POP radar is not 100% accurate and therefore police should not be able to write you a ticket based solely on a POP radar reading. Because of this we believe POP radar is not something you should worry about and POP radar detection is not something you should look for in a radar detector. In fact, most radar detectors that detect POP radar have the POP radar detection turned off by default as it just increased the false alerts you can receive with any radar detector.



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