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Q: What is the worlds best radar detector?
Depending on who you ask, you will probably get a different answer each time. Obviously, most manufactures will tell you that their radar detectors are the best. To choose the right radar detector for you, consider the features, appearance, size, weight, price and even where it is manufactured. See radar detector reviews for more info on features and specifications.

Q: What about bargain radar detectors ... Do they work?
Tests show that most bargain radar detectors do not give adequate warning time, especially on Ka radar which is fast becoming the radar of choice by police. This is why we only carry high-end radar detectors. The fact is, many bargain radar detector users actually end up getting a speeding ticket because they believe they were being protected fully when in-fact they were not. In the long run, a bargain radar detector will usually cost you more than the best radar detector would have.Verified Merchant - Click to Verify

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Don't be surprised by a $3000 Speeding Ticket!Police have long been known as roving tax collectors, but have they gone too far? Starting July 1st 2007, traffic offenses in Virginia, come with a "civil remedial fee". This means that a motorist convicted of reckless driving (75 mph in a 55 mph zone would qualify) faces not only a fine up to $2,500 and one year in jail, but a $350 a year tax for three years. Unfortunately, Virginia is not the only state with these outrageous traffic fines. Click here for more details.

  Did You Know?
Since the mid 1970's radar has served as the tool of choice for traffic speed enforcement. More than 100,000 radar units are in use by police departments in all 50 states, and they account for more than 30 million speeding tickets each year. In fact, there are so many radar guns on the road, your speed may be monitored virtually every day.

Did You Know?
More than 15,000 active Traffic Laser Guns are in use by police departments across the USA. City police on urban, multi-lane roadways account for most of the laser guns in use, and the use of laser guns for speed monitoring is continuing to increase. Your risk of encountering laser is escalating every day.

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